Overwatch 2 Heroes Companion

A vibrant reference guide covering every hero and ability in the game Overwatch 2! Includes full guides for all new heroes.

Thoroughly researched and produced with a Top 500 flex player.


  • Hero guides
  • Trivia (350+ questions)
  • Notes editor
  • Favorites list
  • Role-based navigation
  • Optional shake navigation
  • Zoomable images

OW2 Heroes Companion on the App Store


The app has exceptional reviews, and more than 20k users have downloaded it.

4.9 out of 5 stars (87 ratings) as of Nov 2023

OWHC appears #3 in App Store search results for “Overwatch,” beaten only by the official apps.

Video showcase: Features in action

Hero Guides

Navigate by role and select a character.

Hero guides are rich with information on stats, lore, mechanics, interactions, and matchups. Strategy tips help you refine your gameplay.


Jot down your thoughts on a hero right inside the app!

It’s easy to save Notes or edit/delete/hide them.


From a role list or hero guide, mark a character as one of your Favorites. Your go-to heroes are saved in one convenient Favorites Page.

Notes are fully accessible from here too!

It’s simple to remove Favorites if you change your mind.


Test your knowledge on Lore, Abilities, or the mysterious Wildcard category. (More than 350 questions in total!)

Each quiz presents a fully-randomized set 20 questions. Your progress is saved, as are your past results!

App Support

To submit a correction or to get app support, email me. Thanks!


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