OW2 Heroes Companion

OW2 Heroes Companion

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A vibrant reference guide covering every hero and ability in Overwatch 2! Includes full guides for new heroes (Kiriko, Sojourn, and Junker Queen).

Produced in collaboration with a top 500 player and thoroughly researched for accuracy. Curious about an ability’s stats and interactions? Use this app to discover all the important details, or simply browse characters to get inspiration for your next hero to learn!

Primary features:

  • Full reference guides for all heroes in Overwatch 2
  • Trivia! Test your knowledge on Lore, Abilities, or the mysterious Wildcard category. (More than 350 questions in total!)
  • Notes! Save your thoughts about a hero right in the app.
  • Favorites list! Organize your go-to heroes in one place.

Hero reference content:

  • Up-to-date ability numbers, stats, descriptions, tech details, and interaction notes
  • Counters and synergies
  • Strategy tips
  • In-game screenshots of ability uses captured from real gameplay
  • Originally-written bios for every hero
  • Fully updated for Overwatch 2

Other features:

  • Role-based navigation
  • Optional shake navigation
  • Zoomable images
  • Toggle “Simple Mode” for an abridged version of the guide



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